Permanent multimedia installation based on the technology mapping made within the historic walls of the New Synagogue in Wlodawa, organized as part of the exhibition “Włodawski Shtetl”. Few-story about the history of Włodawskie Shtetl, interspersed effects-based interesting architecture of the synagogue, is a unique and valuable tourist attraction for all visitors to the eastern Lublin region. The projection prepared with original frescoes Old Synagogue. In the near future we are prepared complement the projection of a competition for children, based on Their Own interpretation of the architecture of the building.

Technology 2 x InFocus In126STa

Client: Museum Łęczna-Włodawa Wlodawa, Festival of Three Cultures

Time: July-September 2015

Animation Blazej Krajczewski, Katya Butsmai


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