Projection Multimedia carried out within the framework of the celebration of 65 anniversary of the establishment of the salt mine in Kłodawa. The unique project, which was carried out on the deepest tourist route in the world at 600 meters below the surface. Lighting giant salt chamber on three sides allowed for the preparation of unforgettable attractions for several hundred guests at the gala academy barbórkową. Animation refers both to the geological conditions of extraction of salt (to show the process of formation of salt domes), history of the mine and exploitation methods wyrobku.

Client: Salt Mine in Kłodawa S.A

Date and place of projection: Kłodawa, December 4, 2014

Technique: 2 x Panasonic PT-DZ21K 20000 ANSI + 2 x SANYO XF-47 15000 ANSI

Resolution and animation length: approx 4000 x 1000, 9 minutes

Animation: Blazej Krajczewski, Adam Czygier, Ivo Madany


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