The Legend – multimedia spectacle and installation, Historical Muzeum in Przasnysz, 2015 - Pattern Recognition from Pattern Recognition on Vimeo.

Multimedia show “Legend” made in the new exhibition “The Golden Age Przasnysza” at the Historical Museum in Przasnysz, in which part of the projection takes place on a specially designed mock city.

The show presents a legend theories associated with the beginning of the town in Przasnysza accessible to young audiences and engaging way. Milka and Przemko, para guides exhibition tells the legend about the creation of the city, according to which it was founded by Prince Konrad Mazowiecki, in gratitude for the hospitality extended to him by the miller unleavened.
This part of the show is displayed on a wide screen in the convention combining live action with animated backgrounds and trended. The rest of the children talk about the economic origins of the city. The story is illustrated with mapping, displayed on the model Przasnysza.

Technique: 1 x Panasonic 4500 ANSI

Customer: Pattern Multimedia

Time: July – September 2015

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