Fixed mapping 3D multimedia installation in the courtyard of the castle fifteenth-century Castle of the Rock in Trzebieszowicach, which is an exemplary adaptation of the historical building for a four-star hotel. The installation has been designed to complement the tourist offer for visitors to the castle, and an additional attraction for hotel guests at conferences and concerts, held in the courtyard of the castle. The main axis of the narrative is the story of five centuries the castle, enriched by the use of architectural values of the courtyard (fireplace, decorating). The music was composed by mapping the known Polish composer Joseph Skrzek – Lauraët Frederick in 2013.

Date and place of installation: Trzebieszowice, January-March 2014

Client: Castle Rock in Trzebeszowicach k / Klodzka

Technique: 2 x projector NEC M311X 3600 ANSI

Resolution and length animation: 2560 x 768, 9 minutes

Animation: Blazej Krajczewski

Music: Joseph Skrzek

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